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JIA Inc.

Rice Tea Box

points was 720,000 points

Reward code 6041-6372

Tea tasting is a prestigious pastime of the elites. It settles the mind and tends to the health of body and soul. In ancient China outdoor tea tasting was a common social event since the Song and Ming Dynasty. Inspired by the western style picnic basket the Tea Box is designed for ample storage as well as easy-to-carry. The art of tea ceremony is like graceful dance choreography. As the Tea Box unfolds and transforms into a platform. Teaware is delicately arranged on top just like dancers move elegantly on stage. The spirit of tea ceremony is so exquisite and in depth that brings us back in time with every sip of tea.
Dimension: (325 X 184 X 257)mm
Materials: Bamboo, maple and various woods, st/st and brass
Retail price: HK$2,850
Teaware are not included

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