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Oregon Diffuser
Oregon Diffuser
Oregon Diffuser
Oregon Scientific

Duo Scents Aroma Diffuser

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Reward code 5051-6176

Set a time, set a fragrance, set a mood with the DuoScent Aroma diffuser. This stylish accent piece hides twin scent chambers, allowing you to alternate between fragrances for luxuriously scented ultra-fine mist to fit your mood and personalise your space. Drift off surrounded by relaxing lavender and wake to energising citrus, or let rosemary create a productive afternoon and jasmine a romantic evening, without switching cartridges or pouring oils. Its elegant white marble finishing also provides a stylish conversation piece with 7-colour mood lighting to complement your décor./

  • Produces ultra-fine mist for longer lasting aroma
  • Contains two scent diffusers with separate programmable timers
  • Easy-to-use and changeable plug-in aromatic oil cartridges
  • Programmable timers minimizing wastage
  • Adjustable pumping intensity to fit user’s preference and area of dispersion (10 – 50 m2)
  • Elegant marble finish with 7-colour mood lighting options
  • Sleek, easily-adjustable LCD clock and timer display
Model number: WA328
Dimension: ( 22 x 7.2 x 17.9)cm
Colour: White
Retail price: HK$1,698

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